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A phone is something of necessity rather than a luxury. But with the prices of mobile phones skyrocketing, it does seem more like a luxury. And, let’s face it, though the pricey ones come with the best features and look quite chic, not all of us can afford to buy such. It may provide the best features and services, but ultimately the main function of a phone is to make and receive calls. These are much common features and can be done with any phone.

The XiaomiRedmi Note 5 is one such phone which gives this basic facility and the other features we crave for too! At a much affordable price, the XiaomiRedmi Note 5 is the answer to all those people who wanted the best features in a budget which didn’t burn a hole in their pockets. This is because the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 price in India is expected to be around Rs13,999 only.

The company has not so long history of capturing the market of the smartphone as it has started the device launching before a few years only. However, it is the features of the device only that have attracted the buyers and made them enjoy the best features in a device with a limited budget. Due to the features of the device and that too in a medium budget has driven the leading brands to reconsider their marketing and branding strategies.

So, here is a phone with a budget price bundled with all top-notch features. If a new phone is to come into the family, it has to be this. If still unsure, have a look at some more reasons below:

Design and Display

The device is provided with a 5.5 inch full HD IPS LCD making the screen large enough to make viewing videos easy but also small enough to easily fit in one’s pocket and carry around.

Over and above this, the phone looks quite sleek and stylish too. Also, one can pick and choose a colour of own liking from within the available ones. These include the variants in black, gray, white and silvercolour. There are only a few other mobile handsets with so many choices when it comes to colour selection! It is equipped with capacitive touch screen with multi-touch sensors. The device is also provided with the screen to body ratio of 72.5% which is considered as a standard market practice.

Performance and Storage

Worried about data theft from the phone? Put that to rest now. With the fingerprint sensor, nobody but the rightful owner of the phone can unlock the phone and the data within. With individual app lock systems available too, this phone will provide all the security one needs when it comes to protecting confidential and top secret data. The processor provided in the device is Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 MSM 8976. It has an octa-core processor. One is 1.8 GHz quad core A72 as well as 1.4 GHz Quad core Cortex A53. The architecture has 64 bit with Adreno 510 Graphics and 4 GB RAM.

With an inbuilt memory of 32 GB and an extendable memory of up to 128 GB, store as much data as required and even more. From videos to movies from documents to favourite music, all can now be easily stored in one device itself.

Camera and Battery

One of the attractive side of the phone is its camera and picture quality. With the 1,080 X 1,920 resolution one can capture anything and everything and from any angle and distance; but it’ll surely be captured well! This resolution results from a density of 401 pixels per inch.It’s time to let out the photographer in us then.

The problem with most smartphones is that their batteries drain out very quickly. Another issue that comes along with this is the fact that they take even more time to charge once the battery is drained out. With the Xiaomi Redmi Note, 5 one doesn’t need to worry about this. In this fast world, nobody has the time to wait around for the phone to charge. Therefore, this feature definitely makes the phone worth grabbing right away. The device has 4000 mAh battery with Li-ion. The best feature of the device is the quick charging that can help the user to get the fast charging in just a few minutes that can last for some hours.

Network and Connectivity

With the advent of 4G networks, all people who owned 2G or even 3G support handsets were left disappointed and had to buy new phones right away to avail the facilities of this new and improved network and data services. Thankfully, the Xiaomi supports this and even the backdated 3G and 2G networks, making it possible for the owner to use any network of his choice.

The problem of connectivity will be solved too, thanks to the 4G support and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v4.1, GPS and NFC connectivity. The Wi-Fi features include the Wi-Fi direct as well as Mobile Hotspot connectivity feature. Also, these networks and connectivity can be enabled and used over both SIM cards. The device can access the internet with the help of Micro-SIM mobile data as well as GPRS and A-GPS with Glonass.


All in all, the launch and sale of this phone is highly anticipated. The market experts, after going through the features of the device of the opinion that the device will be hit subject to its prices. Hence to know if the device has got a warm welcome from the market or not one needs to wait until the time of launching of the device and a few more days. However, considering the features and past performance of previous models from the company, good response from the market is much expected.

Bundled with these features and at a price that fits anyone’s budget, this phone is definitely worth a grab if a new phone is on the ‘shopping list’!

Post Author: Christy White

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