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The printer market is filled with a huge number of different models, each with different features suitable for different applications. For people shopping for a new printer, there are a number of considerations to make. Here are a few of them:

What Will the Printer be Used For?

Not every printer is suitable for every printing job. For example, people who will use their printer primarily for printing documents are unlikely to need a sophisticated photo printer. Laser printers are far more suitable for document printing. The toner cartridges they use are capable of printing hundreds of pages before they need to be replaced.

Inkjet printers are more suitable for printing colour pictures and photographs. There are even some printers that are designed for printing high-resolution images. However, this can be quite ink-intensive, and users may find that they have to replace their ink cartridges more often.

How Fast Does it Need to be?

Laser printers are commonly used in offices because they are capable of printing many pages very quickly. This enables offices to keep productivity high. Inkjet printers, on the other hand, are considerably slower. They benefit from being able to produce images at extremely high quality.

What Functions are Required?

Nowadays, many printers are multifunctional. As well as printing documents and images, they can also be used as scanners and photocopiers. These additional features can be extremely useful, particularly if space is at a premium. However, for busy office environments, dedicated printers, scanners are photocopiers are more suitable.

Post Author: Kathy