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Human resource systems have undergone many changes in recent years. Manual time and attendance systems, for example, have gradually been eclipsed by automated packages encompassing sophisticated software to take account of shift patterns and so on.

Just like payroll outsourcing, digital time and attendance systems can be treated with suspicion by employees used to older methods. However, the HR software will help eliminate errors, simplify clocking in procedures and prevent financial losses.

Preparing the way ahead – team-building strategies

The transition from manual to automated HR and payroll solutions should be a group decision. A ‘steering committee’, consisting of a member from every department or unit is best, as they will each be able to say how the transition will affect them individually, allowing a solution to be found that will benefit all. A project leader should also be chosen – for example the head of the IT or HR department.

It is important that all options are discussed, together with the benefits and limitations of each system, before a decision is made.

New Human resource systems need research and planning

As with payroll outsourcing, it is crucial that comprehensive, in-depth research is done, to see how each option fits in with the company’s needs. Some vendors sell licenced HR software while others offer an SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) option. Data collection methods, and compatibility with existing HR and payroll solutions should also be addressed.

No two time and attendance systems are alike, but a reputable HR company will be able to help with the final choice.

Post Author: Kathy