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One way is to sell your old handsets. This mightn’t at first sight be much of an idea, of course you can sell things and get money for them! However, there are several “sell my phone” sites whereby you sell your phone to them, regardless of model or age, and they’ll give you a cash reward.

But what do these companies do with old handsets?

If you are environmentally minded then this might concern you. You’ll be pleased to know that most of these companies are committed to selling phones in environmentally friendly ways, for example by re-selling them in emerging markets.

How do you use these sites?

Using these sites is very simple. Say you wanted to sell a blackberry storm phone, then you’d visit the site and identify the model. You’ll then be sent a special pack, in which to return your phone, and you could even get your money on the same day they receive your handset.

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