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We’ve all been there, after a just a few months (sometimes even less) of enjoying your haandset, a new model suddenly appears, and you’re encouraged to ditch your old phone, and upgrade it to the latest one. Naturally, you just cast your old handset aside, but is this really the right thing to do with your old phone?

The fact is, when a phone suddenly drops out of fashion, it doesn’t automatically lose its value. Obviously, there is a perceived loss of worth, which will affect how much you can sell your phone for, however beyond this your phone will likely retain some financial value. This financial value is what makes your phone an attractive commodity to mobile phone recycling firms.

Common wisdom determines that when a phone is no longer the latest model, it should be cast side, and perhaps hidden away some-place. Lots of families have older phones somewhere, perhaps at the bottom of a draw in the kitchen. Of course, when a phone is squirreled away it is not worth anything to no-one.

Determining the value of an old handset is not too difficult. The specific model of your phone plus the condition of your handset are used by recycling mobile company to estimate a realistic price. You might get more money if you sell your phone, however you are less likely to sell if it this way if it is an older model.

The wisdom that all phones have value applies to all makes of phones, for instance if you want to recycle blackberry phones that are slightly older then you can.

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