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Asian Cuisine is always special among the minds of people living in Asia and all over the world, for its infusion of fresh leaves and vegetables in all the dishes. The following are some of the best Asian restaurants in Mesa Arizona that have not failed to impress the foodies with their tasty delicacies.

Asian Cafe Express:

The Asian café express is one of the best Asian restaurants is Mesa, Arizona and is headed by Master chef Micheal Leung and his wife Susan. The restaurant is functional from the year 2005 and is known for introducing exciting and new dishes from Hong Kong and for cooking authentic Chinese food for almost 40 years. The drink recipes in this restaurant are is the hallmark and bring in the traditional taste of old school Hong Kong Cafes. Asian café express mesa is known pretty well among the locals and tourists as a place to get authentic Chinese food. 

Clever Koi:

Clever Koi features a bar and a kitchen inspired by Asian Cuisine. The restaurant renders the most ambient atmosphere for people to dine and are greeted by the energetic front office staff. The guests are pleased with the sight, sound and aroma of the open wood fired grill of the kitchen and the roaring woks. The menu includes homemade dumplings, steamed buns, noodle dishes and dishes of excellent flavors from Thailand, Korea, China, Japan and Indo-China.

Asian corner café:

The Asian Corner café was established in the year 2018 and though it is a newbie in the business of catering, it has earned itself a reputable name in the industry with its extraordinary cuisine, loving ambience and friendly staff. This is a family owned business and is run by a family that has more than a decade of experience in the food and hospitality industry. They take pride in serving delicious and extraordinary Asian food and their menu features an Asian fusion cuisine, which is a combination of Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese food and more.

Asian Spice:

This restaurant serves pure and Authentic Asian cuisine and is led by Chef Philip Tan. This restaurant puts a unique twist on Chinese cuisine, with the infusion of fresh and savory meals. They prepare food with fresh ingredients and fry delicious combination of tastes and colors to delight the senses of their guests. They don’t include MSG in their food and prepare them with less oil along with the option of brown rice with meals.

Ayothaya Thai café:

The Ayothaya Thai Café offers an excellent dining experience for the guests and serves as a cornerstone of the Payson community. It has been recognized for its excellent service, extraordinary Thai cuisine, friendly staff and excellent service. The restaurant is also known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and insist only on high quality ingredients.

Final words:

Arizona is famous for Asian restaurants that offer a perfect fusion of high quality Asian cuisines. The Asian cafe mesa is the top Asian restaurant here rendering homely food for the guests and the locals here. 


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