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A cardiac surgeon is a doctor who is expert in surgical procedures of the lungs, heart and other organs in the chest. They are also known as cardiovascular surgeons, cardiac surgeons, general thoracic surgeons, and congenital heart surgeons.

Roles and responsibilities of a cardiac surgeon in India

  • A cardiac surgeon need technical ability, sound judgment ability, to perform the work with a team, the ability to solve difficult problems quickly under high stress, an attitude of curiosity and excitement toward challenging cases.
  • The cardiac surgeon has good powers of judgment to make the best call under the circumstances because surgeons must often make life or death decisions with limited information, based on their experience and education.
  • Heart surgeons need a good knowledge in the technical field. It includes knowledge of the physiology of the cardio respiratory system, and ability to solve a complete problem and read unusual CT scans and other radiological information.
  • A good surgeon has the ability to understand the newest forms of surgical equipment and technology and him capable of extract to the constant new developments in such a high-tech surgical profession.
  • A good surgeon must have strong leadership skills so they can effectively lead the surgical team in demanding situations. They have good ability to teach and guide surgical residents effectively so they can become the next generation of good heart surgeons.
  • Heart surgeons should have a good educational background in the traditional humanistic discipline including moral philosophy, art and literature and moral.

What is the need of heart transplant?

  1. Due to heart attack
  2. Due to viral infection of the muscle in heart
  3. High blood pressure
  4. Due to heart valve disease
  5. Due to heart defects present at birth
  6. Due to high blood pressure in the lungs
  7. Due to excessive use of Alcohol or drugs

Risks during of a heart transplant

  • Extreme bleeding during or after the surgery
  • It can cause heart attack, stroke, or lung problems
  • Problems with breathing
  • Due to kidney failure
  • In extreme cases, it even causes death.

Cost of heart transplant in India

The estimate of the heart transplant in India is about Rs. 2.5 lakh annually. However, the rest can go beyond depending upon the charges of top heart transplant surgeon in India who are experienced and credible enough to perform a heart transplant.

In Indian history, the first heart transplant happened on December 3, 1967. However, this was not an artificial heart transplant but a human to human heart transplant.

Future of heart transplant in India

To introduce a new technique and require teaching people the benefits of transplantation in hope of changing society’s attitudes, better methods of preserving organs and preventing and treating rejection are constantly being developed,

In the end, however, there will never be enough donor’s heart. Indeed, artificial hearts already exist but have a limited lifespan. But patients with artificial hearts are at high risk of developing infection and blood clots related to the device.

Better devices are being developed all the time.

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