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When an organisation is as busy and important as Dublin International Airport, having effective up-to-date HR and payroll solutions such as time and attendance software becomes a vital consideration, not only in terms of efficiency, but for passenger and staff safety as well.

Around one million people pass through Dublin airport each month, with even more during the peak summer months and bank holidays. During the St Patrick’s Day celebrations, over 225,000 people descended on the airport in just one weekend, yet the human resource systems in place made sure the various personnel were able to do their jobs smoothly and efficiently.

Greener than green HR solutions

Many individual groups, from airside baggage handlers to landside security staff, are employed at Dublin, but the one department overseeing all the others are human resources. As well as handling things like recruitment and training, they are deeply involved in the strategic running of the airport, helping to define and develop the brand for the future.

This includes taking a hand in events like the St Patrick’s “Greening” of the terminals, which took place on the evening of Wednesday 13th March and involved the entire airport being bathed in green lights, plus live music and other events. Various HR solutions, such as rostering plans and time and attendance software, would have been employed to ensure customer care advisors, security personnel and others were able to do their jobs efficiently and leave a good impression on the general public.

Post Author: Kathy